After such an amazing night before, it was pretty great to wake up in a rustic (yet super comfy) cabin, surrounded by nature. Case and Lindsay’s wonderful wedding day started with a delicious homemade brunch, followed by finishing up all of the DIY details – which was everything. Friends and family came together to create the flowers, the decor, the signs, the incredible lighting, the centerpieces, and more! It was a casual, relaxed, and fun setting all day. Case and Lindsay were married right as the sun was lowering in the sky! After the “I do’s” and the fist bump kiss, we had an awesome time capturing some incredible portraits with the setting sun. As night enveloped the campsite, dinner was served, followed by a rowdy dance party! Just about every single person there was cutting a rug on that dance floor! Lindsay’s dad surprised the love birds with a fireworks display right before the newlyweds parted ways to start their honeymoon. The energy that surrounded the lovely Terrapin Creek Campsite that weekend was surreal – and it was an incredible honor to have captured every second!

Huge thanks to Glamour & Grace for featuring Case & Lindsay! Read all about it here!