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Welcome Friend!

First and foremost, thank you so much for allowing me into your life! I look forward to working with you to provide memories of such an exhilarating time and I want all of the exposures to be true to the nature of your relationship. Below I have comprised a list of helpful tips, friendly reminders, and things to consider. Please use this as a guide to learn a bit more how I shoot, and how we can best utilize our time together.

Helpful Tips

Don’t be nervous! I know this may be a new thing for you and your fiance, but I can assure you that as long as you are yourself the photos will be incredible! I love photographing real people in real love, so please don’t feel like you have to act like a model or do anything that doesn’t make you comfortable.

Practice Posing! I’m a lifestyle photographer blended with an editorial eye. Which means I prefer to replicate you and yours as true-to-self as possible. Take note of your favorite types of photos in magazines and don’t be afraid to practice some of the posing with your partner (just like you might your first dance). Without sounding like a karma sutra book, some poses will come more natural than others, but don’t be afraid to try out new things! While I will certainly guide you during our time together, most couples already have their own nuzzles and cuddles that always make for more personal and stunning imagery.

Move and laugh! Usually the natural movements and laughter that come with the experience make for fantastic candids! If I do suggest a pose that doesn’t feel just right, don’t hesitate to make it your own! Get silly, smile, laugh, and most importantly – love!

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huntsville film photographer

Friendly Reminders

Get published! If you’re a fan of wedding magazines and blogs and want to see yourself in one, let’s talk a bit more about details. Publications LOVE the darling deets and fresh ideas to feature. I’d love to work with you to help create your vision, and I have a lot of fantastic friends in the biz that can make your dream wedding a reality. Please note, there are plenty of stories that get highlighted sans “details” and I personally adore ANY love story – no matter how told. I am honored to tell yours however you choose to celebrate!

Order prints! Because it’s important to hold your memories in a tangible format, I offer prints with my wedding collections. While I don’t require you to order additional prints through me, you’re welcome to send the gallery link to friends and family. From there, they will be able to conveniently choose the size and quantity of images they desire to own.

Backup files! I hope to always have my clients’ memories indefinitely. I have two servers as back up, along with two hard-drives and everything is insured. HOWEVER, because I give you all of the files, I recommend you back them up in multiple locations as well.

Things to Consider (regarding light)

Natural Light: I am a light seeker! Most of my work is done with natural lighting, which is the most flattering to any skin type. When choosing simple locations (such as where to get ready), make note of how much natural light is available. Also take into consideration how light moves throughout the day when visiting your venue and planning your day-of timeline. You might not want to get married at high noon under the magnolia tree that causes the sunlight to make your skin look splotchy. Keep in mind how the light looks during the parts of the wedding I can’t move you (ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, etc). Of course I have a flash unit and video light available, but it’s a harsh contrast to the softness of the sun (or the ambiance that some artificial light) provides. You can bet during the portraits I will scout the best spots available for the light provided.

Golden Hour: If you are wanting the romantic, sun-drenched sweetness with your love (which I highly recommend making time for), the best time to achieve this look is during the “golden hour” (the hour before sunset). Typically in the Summer it’s around 7-8pm and in the Winter 4-5pm. Even 15 minutes with the setting sun, can provide an array of images that will make your hearts smile.

huntsville film photographer
film photographer

Things to Consider (regarding portraits)

First Look: While I appreciate the importance of tradition, occasionally couples would rather a seamless transition for the day’s flow to spend more time with family and friends. If you opt to do a first look, I can ensure it will be a romantic decision. Often times done with just the couple, I photograph you seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. After a few moments to yourselves (with unobtrusive coverage), we can then began the posed portraits. Usually I start with all of the party members, and finish with the family groupings. If there is time after the ceremony, I can then focus on getting sweet, romantic shots of the two of you as fresh newlyweds. Without having to think of the family photos, it’s a breeze transitioning into the reception.

Family Portraits: Over the years I’ve been photographing weddings, I’ve found the best way to approach family portraits is that it must be understood my sole responsibility is taking the photo. I certainly respect the need for a list of images, but it’s best if someone in the family or the planner could be in charge of gathering the folks and checking off this list. Doing so allows me to capture both the candid and posed moments with your beloved groups. When planning how much time to allot for shooting, I recommend 1 minute per grouping. Please note, I do not have a “master list” of groupings you must do. I will certainly help direct folks on where to stand, but these are your families coming together so the selection of arrangements is up to you.

Wedding Party Portraits: If you choose to have a wedding party, I love to have fun with these shots! Often times people aren’t used to being in weddings, so the whole experience is new to them. I like for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed as it often makes for the best images. Typically, after shooting the more traditional style poses, I’ll invite your friends to laugh or goof around with you. I’m also completely open to any ideas you bring to the table, especially if you have any specific shots in mind. Feel free to send me any pinterest or inspiration boards you’ve created!

Day After Session

Was the day of your wedding full of scheduled moments of celebration but not enough time to focus on pictures of just the two of you? Did it rain during the time allotted for portraits? Do you want photos in your snazzy attire with ZERO pressure of the wedding day? Perhaps you should consider a day after session! Whether done days or years after your wedding, these sessions are catered to you as a couple being all fancy-like. Let’s go bowling, run through sprinklers, jump into lakes, have a cookout, make s’mores, or scout out to find some incredible landscape to showcase the two of you.

huntsville film photographer
huntsville film photographer

Bridal Session

What started as a Southern Tradition to announce a woman’s marriage, bridal sessions are a popular add-on to keep the tradition alive. If done before the wedding, this is a great opportunity to explore your gown. Let loose, bring some attitude, and flaunt off your dream dress! If you opt to wait until after the wedding, we can take a more dramatic approach with the photos. Feeling brave? If willing, let’s get crazy with it! Your partner is more than welcome to join in the fun and it can become a combination bridal and day after session!

Engagement Session

I love telling your story! The engagement session gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding. You see how I work, and I get more familiar with who you are individually and as a couple. I would love to highlight something that you and your fiancee enjoy doing together. Whether it be going to farmer’s markets, bowling, cooking, swimming – you name it! I want to work with you to chose an interesting location that makes you feel comfortable and makes for a great setting for the scene. Here are just a few ideas and scenarios that come to mind that I would still LOVE to photograph:

roller skating
bike riding
farmer’s market
baseball game
any kind of farm
first date
row boat
plant nursery
river (tubing, etc)
cooking/baking/general “home” life
record store/music related

huntsville film photographer