I was beyond thrilled when I first met with MarLa and Sager! It was one of those meetings where I crossed my fingers immediately after hugging them goodbye in hopes I would see them again. Thankfully, it didn’t take long before they contacted me wanting the whole kit n’ caboodle (photo, video, and DJ) for their wedding! Everyone on the team did a happy dance, and then Dustin and I got to planning with MarLa and Sager to see what they wanted to reflect in their Save the Date video. We wanted to highlight the “little things” that brought these two together over the course of time: farmer’s markets, sushi dates, romance, and FUN! We all had a glorious time on the epic engagement session/video shoot!

We started at the Greene Street Market before heading to a romantic sushi dinner on the patio of Surin. Afterwards, MarLa and Sager went on a bike ride before cuddling up for some sunset garden frolicking. Finally, they wrapped the session with a crazy water hose fight!

By the end of the night my sides were hurting from laughing so much, my hands ached from snapping furiously as MarLa and Sager so perfectly swooned in front of the camera. My heart fills to the brim with love and happiness when I witness and capture such wonderful energy. As beautiful as the still photos are, I urge you to watch their Save the Date video! Dustin is a master of his video craft and created such a perfect memento for MarLa and Sager!