2017 Year in Review

Film photography is so fascinating to me! When I put in a roll of (usually 36) blank frames, it’s enthralling to wonder what will be forever preserved in those emulsions. I’m so incredibly thankful to all the smiles, memories, and love I get to capture! To all the folks that have entrusted me with their precious moments, I just want to wrap my arms around you and squeeze you tight! To all the folks I have yet to meet, I can’t wait – I’m anxiously awaiting the moment our paths will cross! 2017 took me to new places (New York! Denver! Natchez! Santa Rosa!), let me rediscover a favorite city (NOLA – twice!), and brought me a plethora of laughs with friends and clients! It’s crazy to think that next year will be my tenth year in the wedding industry — it blows my mind that a family friend’s misfortune (her photographer bailed the day before her wedding) was the first step down the path of the wedding world (she asked me to shoot her wedding and I loved EVERY MINUTE)! This is beyond a “dream job” and has become a Life Passion and it’s an honor to share it with you all! I appreciate all of the wonderful words and kind support you’ve given and continue to gift with me. My heart is so happy!

Rachel & Chase

Sara Bowen Art Show

Erin Holt Portraits

Tim Higgins Portraits

Piper & Leaf Bridal Spring Editorial

Kellie & Blake

Erica & Courtney

Anna & Ben

Kylie & Jeff


Clive Newborn

Avery & Nathan

Dinger Family

Mary & Joe

Natchez, Mississippi

Simmons Family

Lauren & Matt


New York City

Sydney & Andrew

Summer Kayaking

Kylie & Jeff

Michelle & Sean


Santa Rosa Beach

Sophie & Frank

Lauren & Johnny

Sarah & Rob

Sydney & Andrew

Dinger Family

Fall Garden

Ashleigh & Ethan

Cynthia & Parrish

White Dresses

Mokhtari Family

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