Abby & Assanti Riverside Wedding

I’m the first to tell you that I’m emotional (hello Pisces Sun and Cancer Rising) and I have no shame crying at weddings. It’s a beautiful time with wonderful people coming together in the name of love. But lemme tell you something about this day. Hands down, the most I’ve cried in my 15 some odd years doing this. Even during my first call with Abby, we shed tears together. Hearing the backstory between her and Assanti, and how much love they share was so inspiring! Originally, the plan was to have a small elopement with just the two of them. Then, their families gifted Abby and Assanti with a wedding. It was such a glorious day! From their first look, to their first prayer together, to their first kiss as wedded, to their quiet moments of bliss – I. was. a. sappy. mess. Abby and Assanti, I can’t thank y’all enough for letting me capture these moments. You two are truly gems!