Katie & Isaac’s Wildflower Trail Elopement

DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!! When Katie reached out to me about photographing her elopement, our conversation was the normal back and forth about suggestions on locations, vendors, etc. I have wanted to capture an elopement on my favorite hiking trail (Wildflower) for at least a decade now…and SHE LOVED IT! She sent me pics of her vintage floral dress and we chatted about how her grandparents live around Monte Sano, so it all made sense! With a date, location, and officiant, we were all set! A lovely late afternoon hike to a “just right” spot and Katie and Isaac exchanged their vows, rings, and a kiss to seal the deal! It was such a wonderfully intimate and beautiful experience to capture! Katie brought along a wooden box her grandfather made to hold their vows and rings. It’s a cherished possession of hers, so it was great to be able to include it in some photos during our time together! Thank you so much Katie and Isaac for letting me capture your secret elopement (I couldn’t even post sneak peeks until their families were notified hehe) – I’m so thrilled to be able to share the images now that the cat’s outta the bag!!