Lisa & Scott: Ginkgo Tree Elopement

Lisa and Scott knew immediately where they wanted to hold their elopement: “under the ginkgo tree” they exclaimed during our first meeting! This isn’t just any tree…this is one that was dedicated to Wernher von Braun. And for two folks that work at NASA, it’s a big deal! They also wanted to be hitched on the anniversary of the Apollo moon landing! Which, if your from Huntsville, you know what a PARTY it was the week leading up to this special anniversary date! I loved how Lisa and Scott carried the “motif” through to their cake, menus, and decor – even down to the moon pie treats for the guests! They had a sweet reception in the Blue Bayou, a repurposed train car the The Lumberyard! It was such a lovely day celebrating with the love birds and some of their closest family members.