Shanshan & Joe: Rainbow Lakeside Wedding

Shanshan and Joe were planning on having a HUGE blowout of a wedding at the Botanical Gardens. I think the guest list was around 250! However, with the pandemic, their plans had to change dramatically. None of Shanshan’s family could join (as they all live in China) and they had to cut the guest list to be right around 30 or so. I have to admit though, the way they celebrated was absolutely beautiful! They opted for a sweet ceremony at Guntersville Lake! They rented a super cute airbnb and set up a lovely arbor along the lake. Right as the ceremony was starting, a BRILLIANT rainbow appeared! I mentioned to Joe’s mom that perhaps it was Shanshan’s family shining down on them!

As Shanshan walked down the aisle alone, I couldn’t help but cry as I watched her go from excited to tearing up! It was very emotional! Their entire ceremony was so sweet and moving! The rainbow stayed the entire time, and even stuck around while we created portraits! Afterwards, everyone had a lovely dinner, delicious cake, and a champagne toast! It was such a different wedding than what they planned, but in the end, the same result – a lovely beginning for a sweet couple as husband and wife!

Fun fact: the date they chose is actually mine and my husband’s anniversary!! There was also another couple that shared that date as well – so we all joked about how it’s *obviously* such a wonderful date to get hitched!