Travel: PNW – Portland & Olympic National Park

In August, my husband and I ventured to the PNW with some friends! We started the Grand Adventure in Portland, where we only had a quick two days to try to cram in the awesomeness. I found an adorable airbnb that was convenient to walk to cute vintage shops, record stores, and breweries. The city reminded me a bit of New Orleans! We bid farewell to Portland early in the morning and set forth to Lake Quinnault. Our plan was to stop at pretty much every viewpoint and soak up as much scenery as possible! I loved how the treed coastline opened into pockets of beaches along the highway as we made our way to the gorgeous lodge. We hiked in the Hoh Rainforest, which included some of the most incredible mosses, ferns, and glacial waters! It’s easy to call the Olympic National Park magical!


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Olympic National Park

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PNW film photographer_0001

PNW film photographer_0000

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Next…Onward to Cannon Beach & Astoria (and a trip to the Goonies’ house)! Other places we visited on this trip: Port Angeles/Hurricane Ridge, Victoria/Vancouver, and Seattle.