2016 Year in Review

This past year was so exciting to re-visit in this post! From global adventures (NEW ZEALAND!) to visiting favorite cities (New Orleans and Chattanooga) to the little weekend forays, love took me on so many wonderful paths in 2016! It was an honor capturing the beginning of wedded lives: everything from the sweet kisses, the darling details, and the awesome families! Whether they were elopements, intimate backyard weddings, or full shebangs – it was so wonderful being able to relish in the joy and magic moments of 2016! Huge thanks to all the folks that entrusted me with such important and beautiful memories!

White Dresses*

Scarborough Fair Wedding Inspiration

Katie & Lance

Paige & Josh

New Zealand – South Island

New Zealand – North Island

Spring Bridal Inspiration

Piper & Leaf Spring Editorial

New Orleans

Heather & Quinn

Spring Snaps

Devon & Austin

Steward Family*

Grace & Jaime*

Kay & Tyler


Danielle & Jonathan*

Meredith & Eddie

Piper & Leaf Summer Editorial

Sarah & Ashley*

Alice & Mad Hatter

Gina & Toni*

Kelsey & Morgan

Summer Snaps


Stacia & Eric*

Piper & Leaf Fall Editorial



Holly & Trey*

Brittney & Andrew*

Carol Ann & Kyle

Emily & Bryan

Stephanie & Andrew*

Fall Fotos

Amber & Josh

Piper & Leaf Winter Editorial

MacKenzie & Aaron


Orton Family*

Thomas & Joseph

Green Pea Press*

Avery & Nathan

*denotes my excitement to share the full post!

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