2021 Year in Review

Often, time is measured by remarkable events in life. Before and after getting married. Before and after having children. Before and after a death of a loved one. To pretend that 2021 was a good year for me is impossible. One of the most unfortunate measures of time unexpectedly happened. My father passed away (cardiac arrest) in his sleep. My world was forever changed. Time stood still and also flew by so fast during the initial stages of grief. While this is something I will never fully heal from, I’ve made peace with that fact. My dad taught me photography, so now every time my camera is in my hand, I can’t help but think about him. It’s a new way I compose my images, with a bit of guidance from the cosmos.

Death teaches me to turn inward and to ensure I’m living life to the fullest and on my path that my soul is here to walk. Losing such a rock in my day to day life has forced me to find strength within myself. Although the year was mostly swallowed by this loss, I’m so thankful for the moments and memories I was able to capture. For the joy I could engulf myself in, even if it was a brief escape. I don’t take this job lightly, and especially now. The photos I have of my dad are priceless, and I know I’m here to provide families with memories to last a lifetime.

Thank you for the continued support throughout the years and allowing me to live out such a wonderful dream. I photographed a lot of fantastic people and events this year, and I’m already excited about the ones filing up my calendar in 2022. I sure do wish you and yours all the best and hope that our paths will cross (again) and I’ll have the incredible opportunity to capture you in a stage of life that will never be duplicated. Here’s to those that have left Earthside and now help us guide the way to our Higher Self.

Mid-Century Modern Styled Session

Christina & Rob

Snippets from my 52 Weeks Project (Week 3)

Studio Tour!

Winter Walks around Huntsville

Sonya’s “One Roll” Editorial Session

In Her Studio – images I’m hoping to submit to the fabulous magazine!

3D Images from my NIMSLO camera

Cheri & Luke’s Elopement


Aura Photos by Aura Weaver

The Start of Spring

3D Kitties!

Tina’s “One Roll Session” Headshots


Sara & Devin’s Super 8 Wedding Film

Garden Views, Bike Rides, Protests, Light Leaks

Spring Sprang Sprung

Maddie & Austin’s Peach Orchard Elopement

Gracie’s “One Roll Session” Senior Photos


More 3D images from NIMSLO

Jen & Adam’s Twickenham Wedding

Garden Planning and Such

Kaylee & Halen’s Downtown Elopement

Start of Summer


Shanese & Jon’s Monte Sano Engagement Session


Tintype by Blake Wylie

Franklin, TN & Backyard Bliss

Shanese & Jon’s Wedding


Chris & Claire’s Wedding

Jacki & Ryan’s Engagement Session

Lucy’s “One Roll” Heirloom Dress Portraits

Kena & TJ’s Waterfall Engagement Session

Ellery & Jim’s Elopement Party


Summertime Camping

Joey’s “Just Because” Session

Kena & TJ’s Wedding

Carpenter Family

Vivian’s “One Roll Session”

Sluice Fest

Dingers “One Roll” Headshots Session

Rylee & Holden’s Wedding

Mary & Jonathan’s Ten Year Vow Renewal

Gabi’s “Birthday Princess” Photoshoot

The Scout Guide V4

Gabriela & Will’s Wedding

Annie & Raymond’s Wedding

Jacki & Ryan’s Wedding

Fenna’s Family Session

Dinger Family Session

Richard & Wiley Family Session

Samantha & Denzel’s Wedding

Mallory & Dominic’s Engagement Session

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