2023 Year in Review

2023 seemed to be the Year of Portraits! I had the absolute pleasure of capturing a wide variety of momentous occasions and headshots! My husband and I explored new beaches and scenery in St. Augustine and traveled back to a couple of favorite spots (Asheville and St. Louis) to see one of our favorite bands (twice!): The Smile. We were fortunate to meet them several times now…it’s pretty surreal getting to chat casually with the musicians that helped shape my love for music. Teenage me would never even believe it! We also went with friends to see King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard at the Caverns Amphitheater and camped out – THAT was a wild and fun night! I was already a big fan of them, but that hooked me in even more!

One of my favorite highlights in 2023 was capturing an elopement IN A CAVE on super 8 film! I love being able to work alongside other photographers with the super 8 format – it’s SUCH a fun way to capture memories! Dear reader, if you find yourself desiring a film of your own life, love, family, celebration or what have you – let’s chat! One of the reasons I adore capturing stills and motion on film is it’s such a timeless way to relive the memories. Instant nostalgia y’all!

Of course, the production of another edition of The Scout Guide Huntsville was a particularly wonderful experience! This year, Dawn (the fab editor) gave the creative team full control and we utilized fun elements from my favorite story (Alice in Wonderland) to come to life among the pages! In September, we had an incredible garden party launch that tied it all together! While we’ve already started production of V7, I have to say creating V6 will always hold such a special place in my heart!

Other frames you’ll find in this recap are from several point and shoots I’ve been testing out over the years to try to narrow down my collection to just my all time favorite cameras – it’s hard! I probably have over 250 (boxes and boxes) of cameras I want to test out…slowly, one roll at a time – ha! As always, huge hugs and thanks to those who cross my path, share my name, and that I get to celebrate and capture! Y’all make life so wonderful and I’m grateful being here with all of you during this lifetime!

Samantha & Alan’s Maternity Session

Kaesher’s “one roll” headshot session

Henry’s First Birthday!

Jennifer’s “one roll” headshots session

Andrew’s Senior Portraits

Stellar Events Portraits (highly recommend Whitney for all of your planning needs!)

St. Augustine

King Tuff in Nashville on St. Patrick’s Day!

Spring Garden

Spring hikes and walks

Summer adventures: hiking, kayaking, sunny afternoon lunches

Thomas & Alethea’s super 8 CAVE WEDDING film!

Patton Family Portraits

Roadtrip & Camping to see King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard!

Psych Blues Summertime Snaps

Summer Garden & Huntsville Scenes

Huntsville Houses & Kitties

Summer fun: shows, garden, fave spots, friends

Andrew Senior Portraits

Asheville for The Smile!

STL for The Smile!

Belle Portraits (fun fact: I captured her NEWBORN photos! Wow how time flies!)


Late Summer Fun

The Scout Guide Huntsville Launch Party!


Jasper “one roll” Headshots

Lily & Dan Maternity Session

Sheena & Carson’s Botanical Garden Wedding

Ronda & Alex’s Surprise Wedding at Old Town Stock House!

Amy & Brenden’s Iron City Wedding

Fall scenes

Dinger Family Holiday Photos

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