Travel: Chicago

Photographing Rob and Kathy’s wedding was a fantastic reason to visit Chicago! It was my first time! It was so exciting exploring new streets and discovering neighborhoods full of fun shops! My husband and I stayed for a few days after capturing the wedding. We found radical record stores, local artisan works, cute boutiques, and delicious food all around our Airbnb (which featured a cute cat named Snacks)! We even had a chance to see one of our favorite bands – Pujol – play on our last night in town! The following images we shot on one of my favorite little point and shoot cameras, the Olympus XA!

chicago photographer_0005

chicago photographer_0003

chicago photographer_0004

chicago photographer_0009

chicago photographer_0002

chicago photographer_0010

chicago photographer_0006

chicago photographer_0012

chicago photographer_0013

chicago photographer_0016

chicago photographer_0007

chicago photographer_0017

chicago photographer_0008

chicago photographer_0018

chicago photographer_0015

chicago photographer_0019

chicago photographer_0022

chicago photographer_0024

chicago photographer_0028

chicago photographer_0029

chicago photographer_0001

chicago photographer_0030

chicago photographer_0031

chicago photographer_0033

chicago photographer_0034

chicago photographer_0035

chicago photographer_0036

chicago photographer_0037

chicago photographer_0038

chicago photographer_0039

chicago photographer_0040

chicago photographer_0041

chicago photographer_0046

chicago photographer_0048