2015 Year in Review

As I’m gearing up for the adventures ahead this year, I can’t quite let 2015 go unnoticed! This past year I traveled to the PNW and Chicago for the first time, re-visited one of my favorite cities (NOLA), and even had time to visit the beach (there’s no place quite like the gulf). I can’t forget about all the mini trips to Nashville and discovering beautiful pockets in Alabama and all of the wonderful folks I have met in every destination. I’m beyond enamored with a job that allows me to follow love – and all of the magical places it’s celebrated!

I can’t thank all of the souls who have allowed me to capture their essence. To tell their story. To freeze a blissful moment in their life. It’s such an honor being able to witness the moments and harness the energy. All of the smiles, sweet tears, hugs, and laughs are priceless. I’m thrilled to relive all of the exciting chapters of 2015 once more!

film photographer_0000

Cooking Class at Albany Bistro

film photographer_0001


film photographer_0002

Farmhouse Wedding Inspiration

film photographer_0003

New Orleans Elopement

film photographer_0004

New Orleans!

film photographer_0005

Spanish Styled Shoot

film photographer_0006

Whitney & Josh

film photographer_0007

Wedding Tea Party

film photographer_0008

Erica & Blake (Engaged)

film photographer_0009


film photographer_0010

F & E (Rehearsal Dinner)*

film photographer_0011

F & E (Wedding)

film photographer_0012

Amanda & Phillip

film photographer_0013

Little River Canyon Elopement

Anna-Wesley & Grant

film photographer_0015

Bo & Erin

film photographer_0016

YeVonne & Alex

film photographer_0017

1818 Farms**

film photographer_0018

Aubrey & Jeremy*

film photographer_0019

Summer Snaps*

film photographer_0020

1818 Farms Dinner**

film photographer_0021

Erica & Blake*

film photographer_0022


film photographer_0023


film photographer_0024

Sadie Nardini*

film photographer_0025

1818 Farms Product Shoot**

film photographer_0026

Mary & Jonathan

film photographer_0027

Natural Bridge Elopement

film photographer_0028

Isom’s Farms**

film photographer_0029

Piper & Leaf Product Shoot**

film photographer_0030

The Mateskons*

film photographer_0031


film photographer_0032

Olympic National Park

film photographer_0033

Cannon Beach & Astoria

film photographer_0034

Port Angeles

film photographer_0035

Hurricane Ridge

film photographer_0036

Victoria & Vancouver

film photographer_0037


film photographer_0038

Mexico Beach

film photographer_0039

Lamont Landers Band

film photographer_0040

Boston Farm**

film photographer_0041

Gregg Farm**

film photographer_0042

1818 Farms Dinner Editorial**

film photographer_0043

Dinner on the Farm – 1818 Farms**

film photographer_0044

Fiber Farm**

film photographer_0045

Nicole & Ryan

film photographer_0046

Kathy & Rob

film photographer_0047


film photographer_0048

Farmacy Art Show Preview**

film photographer_0049

Jill & Hall

film photographer_0050

Princess Inspiration: Sleeping Beauty

film photographer_0051

Princess Inspiration: Snow White

film photographer_0021

Princess Inspiration: Pocahontas

film photographer_0052

Alicia & Brandon

film photographer_0053

Rebecca & Sam

film photographer_0054

M Boudoir*

film photographer_0055

Amber & Jordan

film photographer_0056

Jennifer & J.D.

film photographer_0057

Nashville Elopement

film photographer_0058

Fall Fotos*

Finery Fashion

film photographer_0060

Mary Kate & Justin

film photographer_0061

Winter Wedding Inspiration

film photographer_0062

Danielle & Jonathan*

film photographer_0063

Carol Ann & Kyle

film photographer_0064

Sonia & Matt

film photographer_0065

Chelsea Fashion*

film photographer_0066

Doug & Allyson*

film photographer_0067

Emerald & Collin

*denotes my excitement to share the full post soon
**denotes part of an art show I have opening in May called Farmacy!

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