2020 Year in Review

Oh, 2020. Without using the cliche phrases we’ve all read throughout the year, I’ll delve into how things were for this lil rabbit. I always like to re-visit the post I made for the previous year in review, and I had to chuckle when I came across a paragraph I wrote: I’ve made a small list of goals for 2020, but I’ve also come to the realization that it’s not a race. I want to continue to create images for folks and maintain my work/life balance. I think I hit a wonderful stride in 2018 that’s carried through last year…and I hope it does in 2020 too. My husband and I added a couple of wish list spots to visit, and I’d much rather focus on goals like that than “making X per year” or “shooting X number of weddings per year” – I’ve worked hard on pricing myself accordingly, and I don’t want to work every weekend…or even every day I’m at the studio. I want to make a comfortable living without having to break my back to do so. I covet my “downtime” and it really just ensures I’m that much more excited to photograph the folks who want to hire me. Leaving the rat race years ago was the best decision ever. I’ll continue to cheers to that each and every new year!

HAHA! That certainly came to fruition! We all received a big pause huh? I know 2020 was a year of big losses and changes for everyone. There were times that the tears flowed easier than forcing a smile. There was a lot of doubt and worry. Several times I remember laying in the garden, looking up to the sky, and wondering why this was happening. I understand I’m not meant to know all of the answers, and they are never always simple. During the lockdown, it gave me a new sense of worth. It made me dig deep to ensure I was on the right path. If we weren’t working to live, what would you be doing? How would you spend your time? How would you construct your days if money wasn’t a driving force? I did a lot of internal reflection on how I want my future to look. Photography is a huge passion and I can’t ever see myself NOT taking photos…and I’m looking to expand my offerings of other analog processes. However, I also want to explore more of my other passions and hobbies: herbalism, gardening, yoga, journaling, tarot, house plants (is that a hobby lol?). This past year allowed me time to dedicate attention to things other than work obligations.

2020 taught me to remember to still create personal work. While most of my favorite images are from travels, since that screeched to a halt, I thought it would be fun to capture folks at their homes. Thus, the PORCHRAITS project was born! What started as a fun way for me to flex some creative muscles and get some practice with my Hasselblad, quickly ramped up into one of the most memorable groupings of images I’ve had the pleasure to capture. I posted in Nextdoor and on Facebook about the desire to capture folks on their porch (my neighborhood – Five Points – is full of AMAZING porches). I thought maybe a few people would respond and I’d capture a roll or two. NOPE! My project ended up spanning 4 days and was SO much fun! I was able to safely meet new neighbors and visit friends. I also know that camera like the back of my hand now! Success! I created a book of all of the images and it’s one of my favorite things! Even as I type this, I reflect back on this time and realized how much has changed since then, not even a year later. Some folks have moved, some have passed on, and it really makes you realize how fleeting moments really are.

2020 taught me how to work differently. Dawn and I successfully completed another gorgeous volume of The Scout Guide, all while navigating the unknown. We quickly switched our creative meetings to be on zoom, and it was amazing how the local businesses were still so excited to work with us. When it came time to photograph everything, we took precautions and ensured everyone stayed safe, and created some incredible imagery! The launch party looked a bit different, as we had to stagger the guests to not overwhelm the capacity – although that gave us time to actually get a chance to communicate with everyone and share our excitement about how everything came together!

2020 taught me to love deeper. To really cherish everything. I’m always so grateful for my clients, and I was definitely a bit more emotional capturing the weddings, elopements, portraits, families, and such that people entrusted me with. Pushing the shutter button and freezing time really is magic. Nothing will ever be the same again, and when given the gift to harness the energies in silver gelatin I don’t take that gift lightly. I understand I’m here to tell a story. I’m here to tell your story. I’m so honored when clients/friends choose me to document such important (and fleeting) milestones.

2020 taught me to let go. Let go of the negativity and the things that don’t serve me. I watched friends divide, families fight, and people riot. While I know I’ll never be able to single-handedly change the world…or even someone’s mind, I can look inside and make sure I’m living my life completely with love. With equality for all. With hope and happiness for a better tomorrow. Without ignoring how we got where we are. I honor the sacrifices of those that came before me. I honor the voices of persistence.

2020 taught me to be thankful. For every person I love, for every adventure I can go on, for every opportunity I’m presented, for every lesson I learn. I hope in the days going forward I can remember that the light can’t shine without the darkness. That I shouldn’t be afraid of the depths but make sure it doesn’t swallow me. For the goals I set for myself, I hope to carry them out with positive intentions. I keep my eyes peeled for the signs that illuminate my path – sometimes that are obvious, other times they are more of a whisper. I’m so thankful for all of you that have joined me on this path.

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