Hardy Chambers Farm House Dinner

You know those times you just look at life and can’t stop smiling? That was this. From the moment I pulled up to the 1890 farm house, my heart skipped a beat! By the end of the evening, I could feel my laugh lines – but that should be expected among such great company! Friends mingled among and admired the restoration of the Chambers Hardy Farm House. Laurie, the artist and proprietor, was gifted the house when she purchased the land (the previous owners offered to tear it down, but thankfully Laurie insisted on it remaining)! Family and friends helped her restore this incredible property to be utilized for small weddings, events, photo shoots, workshops, and more! The house oozes character and charm, and I’m completely honored to be the first to photograph it! Historic houses are my muse, so I was in snap happy heaven!

The afternoon was spent enjoying custom cocktails and beverages before everyone sat down to a delicious dinner provided by Albany Bistro. As the sun fell behind the tree line, the flickering fire illuminated the joy on everyone’s face. Glasses clinked with cheers and conversation lingered as the stars began to shine bright in the countryside! Such a beautiful way to end a perfect day!

southern farmhouse_0001

southern farmhouse_0036

southern farmhouse_0035

southern farmhouse_0034

southern farmhouse_0002

southern farmhouse_0004

southern farmhouse_0005

southern farmhouse_0006

southern farmhouse_0003

southern farmhouse_0048

southern farmhouse_0007

southern farmhouse_0008

southern farmhouse_0009

southern farmhouse_0010

southern farmhouse_0011

southern farmhouse_0013

southern farmhouse_0012

southern farmhouse_0014

southern farmhouse_0015

southern farmhouse_0016

southern farmhouse_0018

southern farmhouse_0017

southern farmhouse_0019

southern farmhouse_0020

southern farmhouse_0021

southern farmhouse_0050

southern farmhouse_0022

southern farmhouse_0023

southern farmhouse_0025

southern farmhouse_0024

southern farmhouse_0026

southern farmhouse_0027

southern farmhouse_0028

southern farmhouse_0029

southern farmhouse_0030

southern farmhouse_0031

southern farmhouse_0032

southern farmhouse_0033

southern farmhouse_0037

southern farmhouse_0038

southern farmhouse_0039

southern farmhouse_0040

southern farmhouse_0041

southern farmhouse_0042

southern farmhouse_0044

southern farmhouse_0043

southern farmhouse_0045

southern farmhouse_0046

southern farmhouse_0047

southern farmhouse_0091

southern farmhouse_0049

southern farmhouse_0051

southern farmhouse_0052

southern farmhouse_0054

southern farmhouse_0055

southern farmhouse_0056

southern farmhouse_0057

southern farmhouse_0058

southern farmhouse_0059

southern farmhouse_0060

southern farmhouse_0061

southern farmhouse_0062

southern farmhouse_0063

southern farmhouse_0064

southern farmhouse_0065

southern farmhouse_0066

southern farmhouse_0067

southern farmhouse_0068

southern farmhouse_0071

southern farmhouse_0069

southern farmhouse_0080

southern farmhouse_0081

southern farmhouse_0094

southern farmhouse_0083

southern farmhouse_0084

southern farmhouse_0082

southern farmhouse_0085

southern farmhouse_0086

southern farmhouse_0087

southern farmhouse_0088

southern farmhouse_0070

southern farmhouse_0072

southern farmhouse_0074

southern farmhouse_0075

southern farmhouse_0076

southern farmhouse_0077

southern farmhouse_0078

southern farmhouse_0079

southern farmhouse_0089

southern farmhouse_0090

southern farmhouse_0093

southern farmhouse_0095

southern farmhouse_0073

southern farmhouse_0092