Travel: PNW – Cannon Beach & Astoria

This is a continuation of the PNW Grand Adventure, which starts here. As we worked our way around the Olympic National Park and into Washington, we stopped in Ecola to visit Cannon Beach. It was so incredibly serene, and the little beach town was breathtaking! Cottages, small shops, and delicious food all steps away from an awesome landmark! We accidentally initiated our Goonies tour with this first stop…next up the iconic house in Astoria! Talk about timing, a few weeks upon returning home from this trip I read an article that the Mrs. of the house no longer wants visitors! How crazy to be one of the last groups to be ale to visit! Bonus: try to spot the picture of the Mr. of the house tending to the garden – he was such a nice fellow!

Cannon Beach

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PNW film photographer_0028 PNW film photographer_0029 PNW film photographer_0030 PNW film photographer_0031 PNW film photographer_0032 PNW film photographer_0033 PNW film photographer_0034 PNW film photographer_0035 PNW film photographer_0036 PNW film photographer_0044 PNW film photographer_0045 Next…Port Angeles and the incredible Hurricane Ridge! Other places we visited on this trip: Portland/Olympic National Park, Victoria/Vancouver, and Seattle.