Travel: PNW – Port Angeles & Hurricane Ridge

This is the third post in the PNW Grand Adventure. Check out Portland & The Olympic National Park here, followed by Cannon Beach & Astoria. Which brings us to Port Angeles – the best way for us to jump over to Canada for a small voyage of Victoria and Vancouver. Our time in Port Angeles was very short, but made super sweet when we ventured to Hurricane Ridge. The drive up was mesmerizing, and the hike along the mountain ridges was exhilarating! The views provided some of the most breathtaking scenery I’ve ever seen! It was hard not to take a photo every second of the way.

Port Angeles / Hurricane Ridge

PNW film photographer_0043

PNW film photographer_0039

PNW film photographer_0040

PNW film photographer_0041

PNW film photographer_0042

film photographer_0000

film photographer_0008

film photographer_0013

film photographer_0014

PNW film photographer_0046

PNW film photographer_0047

PNW film photographer_0048

PNW film photographer_0049

PNW film photographer_0050

PNW film photographer_0051

PNW film photographer_0052

film photographer_0001

film photographer_0002

film photographer_0003

film photographer_0009

film photographer_0010

film photographer_0011

film photographer_0012

film photographer_0015

film photographer_0016

film photographer_0017

film photographer_0018

film photographer_0019

Next…Victoria & Vancouver! Other places we visited on this trip: Portland/Olympic National Park, Cannon Beach/Astoria, and Seattle.