2014 Year in Review

This year has been monumental – in just about every aspect of the word. 2014 marked the end of my “Five Year Plan” that I drew up my first year in business. I successfully completed every goal I set for myself (wahoo!), with the largest being shifting my focus to incorporate film into my photography business (it’s always remained prevalent in my personal work since I first stepped into a dark room in high school). Shooting film has been a saving grace in more ways than I could have ever imagined – I’m able to spend more time creating art and having a personal life. I’m no longer glued to my computer, editing away my nights and weekends. Film allows me to connect with my subject and trust myself to know how exactly to capture the light surrounding my focal point. There is an emulsified depth to the images that pixels haven’t quite mastered. While I appreciate the convenience of digital, there’s something about film that makes my heart sing.

The end of the year is always bittersweet. It’s so wonderful re-living each and every moment captured in the frames, but it also makes me miss the fun and energy of the day. Seeing people happy and in love, whether at a wedding or an editorial shoot, is what I live for! Huge thanks and hugs to those who wanted me to illustrate their love stories or highlight their life! It’s such an honor being welcomed into so many beautiful scenarios! This year I was lucky to photograph some of the most wondrous weddings (from a treehouse to the coast line – elopements to huge backyard receptions), travel to incredible pockets of our beautiful world, highlight some of North Alabama’s most talented artisans and fashionistas, archive a farmhouse restoration, document the most beautiful wedding inspirations, and have an absolute blast every time I pushed the shutter!

To every single one of you reading this right now – thank you! Without your support and encouragement I might not have met my goal. With your love and kind words I am able to set new goals (like opening a larger studio with a full lab), pursue new heights with this craft, and continue to capture marvelous moments! Onwards and upwards y’all!

alabama wedding photographer_0000

Lacey & Josh

alabama film photographer_0000

Piper & Leaf

alabama film photographer_0001

Erin & Bo

alabama film photographer_0002


alabama film photographer_0003


alabama wedding photographer_0001

No’Ala Music Issue

alabama film photographer_0004

Abby & Andrew

alabama film photographer_0005

Rebecca & Sam

alabama film photographer_0006

Sarah & Michael

alabama film photographer_0007

Sonia & Matt

alabama film photographer_0008

Anniversary Celebration

alabama film photographer_0009

Christina & Scott*

alabama wedding photographer_0002

No’Ala Fashion Issue

alabama wedding photographer_0003

Susan & Mike

alabama wedding photographer_0004

Krista & Andy

alabama wedding photographer_0005

Nichole & Travis

alabama film photographer_0010

Noel & Jonathan

alabama film photographer_0011

Lydia & Johnny

alabama film photographer_0012

Kelsey & Bradley*

alabama film photographer_0013

Savannah, Georgia


Lightning Bugs!

alabama film photographer_0014

Courtney & David

alabama film photographer_0015

Carina & Dennis

alabama film photographer_0016

Summertime Snaps

alabama film photographer_0017

Candice & Zach

alabama film photographer_0018

Piper & Leaf

alabama film photographer_0019

Willoughby & Josh

alabama film photographer_0020

Lavender Bridal Fashion Shoot*

alabama film photographer_0021

Piper & Leaf at Riverfly Farms

alabama film photographer_0022

YeVonne & Alex

alabama film photographer_0023

Katie & Chris

alabama film photographer_0024

Erin & Heather

alabama film photographer_0025

Ellis & David

alabama film photographer_0026

Hardy Chambers Farmhouse

alabama film photographer_0027

Lindsay & Chad

alabama film photographer_0028

The Fair!

alabama film photographer_0029

Candice & Zach

alabama film photographer_0030

Erin & Heather*

alabama film photographer_0031

Erin & Drew*

alabama film photographer_0032

Sarah & Michael

alabama film photographer_0033

Alexandra & Paul

alabama film photographer_0034

Amber & Jordan

alabama film photographer_0035

Crystal & Philip*

alabama film photographer_0036

Daughter’s of Simone Farmhouse Fashion*

*denotes my excitement to share the full post soon!